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No Tears In Your Eyes

I'm Omar. A man from middle east who love the love and love the world and wish to travel around the world to share the love.

No tears in your eyes, I don't hear your groan.
I can't believe that you have forgotten so soon.
You wrote many poems to show your emotions.
Don't swear, I can see that all of them are illusions.

You are not a true lover, but just a Hummingbird.
A knight on paper, you can't carry a wooden sword.
The love rainbow in your eyes so fast disappears.
The brave words in your poems can't hide your fears.

Don't write about love, Don't sing love songs.
You can't reach the Moon, you have no wings.
Your heart is a stone, I can't hear its voice.
To make it alive you have to pay the price.

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