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No Place

I am an artist, a poet, a photographer, and a lover of literature.

No Place

There are times that we feel that we are lost and we cannot find our way and our purpose in life. All we can do is hope that eventually, things will fall into places.

It's not easy for everyone to battle anxiety, depression or any feelings of the same sort but if we only look deep into our heart we will realize that the only place we need to be with can be found into ourselves only.

Learn to love yourself and give importance to things that matter. You can find your place and inner peace within you if you only look and search deeper. Have faith and don't be too hard to yourself.

No Place
By: Melencio Sapnu

I've been in a lot of places

Already thrown all my aces

Discovered the world in different ways

Spent my time and all my days

I am looking for contentment

but all I can find is resentment

All this bitterness inside,

There's really no place I can hide

I tried everything to deny the truth

I smoke, I drink and bore myself

but still, I cannot find the answer

It is always just a lot of "whatever"

A lost soul hiding in the shadow

Asking where I can find my meadow

A place where I can find my peace

The truth where my trouble will cease

© 2018 Melencio Sapnu

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