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No Pictures Please

I wonder if you might go with me
Let me drive down that road one last time
No, it’s not to think about another woman
I want know if I really was happy back then

I don’t want to visit a another cemetery
Not unless it’s only full of strangers
Nothing about me has died just yet
There’s only a few things I'd like to forget

I only want to speak plainly to you
How should we spend our time now
Will it be about yesterday or tomorrow
I just know today doesn’t feel like sorrow

You know after a long day at work
You can’t spend the evening learning
It’s about creating something new
I just want to focus my heart on you

I still have dreams as if you aren’t here
Praying for a miracle never leaves you
But you are so real and I’m ready to begin
Make your mistakes, see if I can forgive them

I wrote a song tonight but now it's gone
The notes will always be there waiting for me
I didn't write it down, I want to live it instead
It's not just a picture of you smiling above my bed