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No One to Talk to


Ice-creams melt and still taste their sweet bit

Some even enjoy that bit to their relish

While some things are sour from the beginning

You taste nothing and are left wondering

Your state that you had no one to talk to

When you have no one to talk to

When no ears are listening to your chest-tearing pain

When your eyes give up after infinite leaks

You freeze and die while still breathing

Yet, there’s still no one to talk to

What you do in early years reap the truth

For years to come and beyond control

You smile in helplessness at your predictability

Clouds and silver lining you hoped, never Serendipity

Alas, you had to rot with nobody to talk to

Fire, water, air and all human senses were normal

Where you found these elements you believed

You welcomed and rejoiced at the hint of a dream

And subconscious darkness followed in reality

As you fell for the 100th time with no one to talk to

You rise you fall, you stumble you walk

You had choice only when you couldn’t choose

You chose when you didn’t have choices

You understand all, though laugh at your own demise,

And your fate that you have no one to talk to