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No One Wants to Say Goodbye


Being reunited feels like sitting around a fire

When you're shivering beneath the blankets

Wishing winter would quickly come to a close

The idea sneaks into your mind

The icy air nips your skin as you leave your bed

Looking out through the glass door

Thinking about turning back

The fear of the cold is no match

Kindling is never too hard to find

And before long, you see that familiar flame

The flame makes you forget about winter

The sweet taste of hot chocolate

The smell of burning wood

The relaxing crackling sounds

The flame begs you to stay

Taking whatever scraps you can find

Wishing for one minute more

One moment more

But all flames go out eventually

All you can do is admire the glowing embers

Remembering the warmth that was

Hoping to feel it again

When at last the final embers smolder

The world feels so much colder

© 2022 Wolfe Rygaard

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