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No News Is Good News ~ a Commentary and Poem

John is a contemporary poet who uses the rhyming styles of the classics to discuss current issues.

Squirrel Daily: Image by Sammy-Sander from Pixabay

Squirrel Daily: Image by Sammy-Sander from Pixabay

Only Good News Please!

Misbah Sheikh's recent status was as follows: "My HP feed is jam-packed with stressful issues! Seriously, I want to run away from here. Those happy times are long gone."

This post received a few encouraging replies, one suggestion was to keep writing happy things and to read other humorous articles, while another said, "Misbah - Let's start an ongoing "Only Good News" Forum where people can post those stories that have cheered them up."
So, Misbah took that advice and started a forum post with the above title and said the following:

"When I come online these days, all I feel is stress. I understand that people are frustrated and disappointed about a variety of issues, but it's enough to make you want to flee. I came online 5 times today and couldn't stay more than 5 minutes each time.

So here I am if anyone wants to share something that can make people happy. You are most welcome. Please share any story, poem, or life experience that has cheered you up. Anything! Come on people, it's so fun to spread joy!"

I thought this was a very good idea, and we all need uplifting, so I wrote this article in response to Misbah's status and forum posts.

No News Is Good News!

We have probably all heard the popular phrase/sentence 'No news is good news.' But we should ask ourselves, why is news, then, more associated with being bad?

I get that the media, in general, believes that 'bad news sells,' but personally, I am over it. I never watch news broadcasts anymore, either on TV or online, and I only read selective news stories that won't depress me. Since even before COVID reared its ugly head there have been far too many bad stories filling news broadcasts and print.

The media is virtually telling us that we should be continually in a state of unhappiness and fear. We should be ungrateful and dissatisfied with our lives and what we have ... always yearning for more, even if it means trying to live above our means. They encourage us to be opposed to almost everything - unless, of course, it is something the Government or Big Business is pushing for, and paying them to pedal.

Bad news travels fast, Good news takes the scenic route.

— Doug Larson

Propaganda Mill: Image by jorgophotography from Pixabay

Propaganda Mill: Image by jorgophotography from Pixabay

I even subscribed to a 'Good News' channel, but only received notifications of one or two stories a day. Even then they were mostly nothing more than someone rescuing a stray dog or cat, or other 'feel-good' animal story. Occasionally there was a story of someone buying a meal for a homeless person they encountered or donating their time to a charity.

While I approve of all these things, I feel there has to be more major good news occurring in the World. It appears that 'real' good news stories are in short supply. Of course, the media will say they aren't popular and don't make exciting headlines. To them, only bad news, or sex, sells!

Well, I think that more people, the public, consumers, should begin to take a stand and make it clear that we are sick and tired (even overwealmed) of all the death, destruction, vitriole, political and religious hatred, prejudice of all kinds, and downright false news that clogs the headlines.

Let all those concerned stand up and shout, "Enough is Enough!" Current times are hard enough without being bombarded with negativity everywhere we look. I say, "Down with all bleakness and despair, Bring on the "Good News!"

The good news is that Jesus is coming back. The bad news is that he's really pissed off.

— Bob Hope

Light the Good News Fire

Light the Good News Fire

Light the Good News Fire ~ a Poem

No news is usually good news,

so that means most news is bad.

Good news should outweigh the bad,

that it doesn't, makes me sad.

It seems to me that bad news sells,

controversy, war, and death.

I'd much prefer to hear good news,

and seek it with each breath.

Why do others seek bad news?

Do they just like to complain?

Maybe some feel better

when other people suffer pain.

Through Internet, TV, and print,

and even on the radio,

the news spreads discontent and fear.

It's all a horror show.

The bad news is that 50 people died in a hotel fire; the good news is that we got exclusive footage.

— Jessica Savitch

Close your ears to torment,

Don't trust gossip without proof.

The media's the king of lies

and spruiker of half-truths.

Spread good news everywhere you go

with a smile upon your face.

Try to make your colleagues laugh,

being happy's no disgrace.

So, let's all rebel against bad news,

try to uplift and inspire.

Encourage all around you,

Light the 'Good News' fire.

Don't let naysayers douse it,

make sure to stoke the flame.

We only have one life to live,

hate and fear make you insane.

That's All Folks!

That's All Folks: Image by Alex S. from Pixabay

That's All Folks: Image by Alex S. from Pixabay

© 2022 John Hansen

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