No More Ms. Nice Gatekeeper

Updated on December 27, 2019
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Thought that it was going to be an easy week at work

Due to the post-holiday days of people still celebrating

Turned out that wasn't the case in the slightest

A lot of people were off doing anything else but work

While the remaining few slaved away on their stuff and extra

Wondered how the first mate could do this role day in and day out

Only done it for a few days and I'm already at my wit's end

Who knew that being in charge could be so stressful

While the big cat is away; the little mouse runs the show

Doling out the responsibilities and splitting the workload

Relatively down the middle trying to closely even the load

Getting some flack from other worker mice for what's been given

Have been often very flexible and accommodating beyond reason

Almost like a pathetic milquetoast looking for excessive approval

Taking everything too personally when one coworker had a bad day

Realized that I was a likely scapegoat due to where I sit near them

Annoyed that people think it was my responsibility that they're swamped

When I was in the same boat as them doing my work and everyone else's

Ended up doing more than everyone else by a landslide

Thought that it was unfair being treated like a piece of human stringcheese

Stretched to the point of near insanity and blind anger taking over

Advised by family to not be so kind the next time around

Doing what I'm supposed to do and let the comments fall on deaf ears

Tempted to do that if I have to do this position again tomorrow

Frustrated that I'm being pulled from all sides with no relief in sight

Well, the relief will come Monday when the first mate returns

Will gladly relinquish my crown when that occurs as soon as they walk in

Also found it kind of shady that they didn't let anyone know

That someone needed to be in charge for rest of the week

Was just tasked with the job when no one else wanted to do it

Thought that it was unfair that similarly ranked individuals

Placed that burdened on my solitary shoulders

Everyone should learn to pull their weight so that it's not just on one

Picking up the slack while others just pretend it's an ice cream social

Fed up with being nice and flexible to everyone else's needs

When the ones that should care just seem not to do so

Time to take a step back and let it be someone else's problem

Sounds like the perfect plan to put into effect tomorrow.

Frayed and stressed out to the limit.
Frayed and stressed out to the limit.



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