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No More Emnity

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Finding peace after a long arduous war of emotional turmoil

Brutal to have your heart broken and obsess over failings

Of what came from your end and theirs as well

Realized that no one was a saint in this twisted equation

Decided to come to terms with the past in your own way

Much to the chagrin of many close consiglieres

Disagreeing with the notion of adult transparency

Slamming the door shut and no longer dealing with it

Some found that effective; while others believed in not doing that

Preferring to keep things locked away and turning enemies

Into Lord Voldemort; or better know as they who should not be named

Hardly aided the recovery process in the slightest

Decided to face the creatures that went bump in the subconscious night

Opening the padded lock front door to keep those demons at bay

Making them drink some disgusting home remedy to cure them

Of what makes them fester for longer than they needed to

Felt impowered to make an adult decision to find proper closure

Not just hermetically sealing a door shut and hiding away

Forced hidden anxieties to dominate existence

No longer want to live a life where emotions can be scrubbed away

Left untreated those wounds festered into something greater

Familiar Counselors disagreed with decisions made

Have to realize that they were mine and mine alone to make

If regrets were to be had, chosen on my terms this time

Had developed a détente with the former warring opponent

Hashed out all the grievances and terms of what occurred before

Felt at peace once the hour plus long conversation was over

Lied briefly to counselors about the secret talks

Deliberated a little more intensely afterwards as to what the future held

Decided to take some of their advice partially

Told the other party that this newfound peace was nice

Still needed some time and distance to work out private matters

Left the door open for future talks on my terms alone

Not sure if and when that will happen

Just felt nice to have some much need resolution

All that can be asked for in such turbulent times

Nothing more, nothing less.

Finally, peace at last.

Finally, peace at last.

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