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No Matter the World's Turn

I think about everything
All the way to your hearts mistakes
You know when I say these things
It is only my life showing what it takes

To be so in love and live it somehow
It's inside you because that's my mind
All the way my love
So emphatically personal
Touching you in the dark
Where you thought the absence of light
Was only a shadow
But it is me instead
An eclipse
And the fact it makes
Is what you thought I took

But it's not that at all

These words don't make a sound
They only make you think
Until you know what I mean

The way I try to make you feel
Is only what you dreamed
But now my love can't conceal
The way I must say these things to you
So close to the story in your face
The one you sent from a faraway place

I need to know, no matter the world's turn
Were we together all along
Within fires that can still burn
In the hearts of those who know it's time
For colors to mingle with their own

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