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No Less Than

No less than a brand thumb I hold the umbrella

Of hammer handle in a red land whilst the star

Is a ferrule twinkling like a firefly in dark

No less than a flame in the lamp where moth flies

Even white in its peak, there’s still smoke belching

In the fallacy of perfection it’s an impurity

Every land my foot touches is my home

Its veins can only be felt with mine barefoot

It tickles but many are thistles of thorn

No less than a brute to keep its redoubt

In metamorphosis of caterpillar it debased to a worm

Its luminescent offers blue and cold

No less than a nightmare of the past

No more than a daydream of the future can blast

You click that time bomb if you rant

Talk back and you’re dead so just rest back

Lean your head for I have the key to your cuff

Its heart shape forge from the star dust

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