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No Goofing Around


You Have Ten Minutes

Work so soon

I am eating now

A little bit of the news

A touch of romance

Then off to do so many other things

Fixing up the linen closet

Get dressed and be ready to leave

Helping a friend

Going on the computer

Now off the computer

The sun feels awesome

My day is flying ahead

Hold on, I can't go without

Drinking the last few sips of a nice cold glass of milk

Brush my teeth

Next time I see you

This all will be a fond memory


DREAM ON (author) on March 21, 2021:

Harriet Dionela I try that too but I starting choking. Too much air. I guess I need more practice. I must of swallowed wrong. 22 hours later and I love to look at your doggy's face. Animals bring out the best of us. I am happy to share a poem. There are many thoughts we might think in one day. I take the good and tip them outside down until they all fall to the ground. Then I play pick up words like an old game pick up sticks as fast as I can. Trying to make sense and at the same time enjoy what I do every day. Wishing you a very wonderful Sunday. 22 hours and in that small little bit of time so much can or cannot happen.

DREAM ON (author) on March 21, 2021:

schoolgirlforreal I often wish I had more to say. My life is a small series of trials and errors. I try to see the good even if it is only a quick glimpse of niceness. I try to expand on that good and make it better. Sometimes you just can't do it. I like cute. It brings a smile to my face. I love your pen name and I am curious how you thought of it. The sun is coming up here in Maine. The time is 6:52 A.M. Another day another dream comes true. 12 days your comment sat in on my computer screen. I liked reading it over and over again. Simple joys that give me so much love. Thank you again for taking the time to read and share. May your day be so much fun.

DREAM ON (author) on March 21, 2021:

BRENDA ARLEDGE I had to think long and hard about what you said. During the first six months of the Pandemic, I know people that were laid off. Collecting more money for staying home than working. It didn't seem right. They even said they were so bored. All I could think is if I had that time. It is like an extended vacation. I never got the chance. My job stayed open so I should be fortunate. I am healthy and even if my hours were cut I should have only one feeling that is grateful. I always look and wonder if I had more time to spend on writing would my writing be any better. I think I get small spurts of inspiration and over the long haul, it would change my tone and my drive to the hoop as if I was playing basketball. If you always get the ball and the pressure is not only you to take a shot it can easily turn from fun to boredom. I keep reading your comments and here you are in Washington court house where so much attention has been in the news. You see life at a different angle. I am far away from any problems or riots. I have old notebooks filled with blank pages. Where my thoughts just stopped. They jumped off the edge and went swimming and never came back. Thank you so much for all your kind comments. Have a great morning.12 days I read and reread your comment to see if any new thoughts might trigger. I am not sure with the more time I had the better response.

Harriet Dionela from Taguig City, Philippines on March 20, 2021:

I enjoyed reading your poem. I am always racing against the clock then I realized that it is good to stop and take a deep breath and enjoy the moment.

Thank you for sharing your poem.

DREAM ON (author) on March 20, 2021:

Mr. Happy Eleven days later and I am still trying to get to everyone. I woke up at 4 A.M. to get a jump on my day. I have to be at work at ten. I will either be really happy later or really exhausted. Maybe more happy than tired. That will carry me through. I got four hours of sleep last night. Some days are crazier than others. I love a peaceful relaxing day. Then I go into shut down mode. Then nothing gets done. I guess I am better off with my back to the wall. At least it can hold me up when I am out of energy. My mind goes in one direction and my body in another. One day they both shall meet. Have a great day. Don't forget to sleep it is so important. Thank you for visiting and sharing. Cheers!

schoolgirlforreal on March 08, 2021:

Cute! I like hearing of your day


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on March 08, 2021:

It amazes me that you could jot this down with ten minutes.

So much to do, it seems like we are always rushing.

I wonder how great our writing might be if we had a whole day to just write...nothing else, just write.

Who am I kidding? When that day comes I will draw a blank & have no words.


Take care

Mr. Happy from Toronto, Canada on March 08, 2021:

Alrighty!! Have a nice flight You busy-bee! haha

Fun little piece of writing. Cheers!

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