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No Church Service On Sunday, How Will We Cope?

We are living in scary times, not able to go out to eat, go to the beauty shop or shopping, but soon it will pass and perhaps will love more


What will it be like, not going to church to worship on Easter?

I guess I won't get to show-off my new outfit, and I was so eager

No Easter egg hunt

No picnic on the waterfront

So many events we'll miss out on

because of this evil virus phenomenon

Will we still remember that Our Savior Jesus Christ arose from the tomb on this day?

Remembering he died on the cross for our sin's that dreadful Friday

I must remember that a new Easter outfit is what we do

But Jesus looks on the inside of me and you

So lets remember our neighbor's and those in need of food

Especially the elderly living in solitude

Hopefully this uncertain time will soon fade away

We'll get back to normal and once more do our thing, remembering we live in a small world today.


© 2020 Ruby Jean Richert

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