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No Big Ideas

You want me to watch you die with loving eyes
But my tears would not be now from desolation
Tracings of crying babies and a parents lost mind
Found their place in my mind long ago
I could beg you to not abandon me forever
But our friendship survived our chosen path
Over the landscapes laden with our footprints
I realize nothing's heavier than a memory of you

The looks you gave as our fallow love waited for seed
Described every question that would have no answer
I could only walk towards the sun
Wondering what could ever grow
When the heat is more than a farmer can stand
Is it an excuse or was I a failure as your man
You weren't interested in the person everyone saw
Only something you could see but I never knew

My mind never was filled with big ideas, only survival
There never was a time I ever felt I had it made
How sad to have all you need
But to think it’s not enough
You tried to tell me but that’s not what I heard
What can you do when someone can’t fix you
I tried to take it well but thought it was about you
Now I know you were the only one who really cared

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