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Now Is a Time to Compromise

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We Fought Long And Hard

Maybe it won't be as bad as we thought

When all we could see is one way

With no room for the slightest change

Do it our way or no way

Could we have been wrong along?

When we were looking for an apology

We got none

I have never seen anything like it

I have my point of view

From standards that were set long ago

They worked for me

Why are they not good today?

As I shrug my shoulders in dismay

I have to move on

I can't hold on

It has been too long

So as we go forward

Testing the new waters

They seem cold

Only when we are in the water

Do we realize it really isn't that bad

The uncertainty of not knowing

It should work a certain way

Maybe it will work better

Time will tell

Let's wait and see