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Nightly Poems 2

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Since I was young I have always been fond of reading and writing. It is one the greatest sources of comfort for me.


This is basically additional entries to my previous work:


I don't want to see the world in shades of black and white.

I want to see the green leaves and the blue ocean and the red sunset,

I want to see every color and appreciate every facet of God's creation.

There is more to life than what they say is good or bad, right or wrong, happy or sad.

Somewhere in between the extremes set by society,

I want to dance freely and embrace my own identity.


The senseless fights and the endless battles are temporarily suspended.

For now, put down your sword and your shield.

Take a look around you,

Your world is a mess but it can be mended.

Just remember that I'll be waiting for you,

Here in the same cruel battlefield.


Today, I can't find the words to say.

Should I just hug you to make the pain go away,

Or should I kiss you to make it all okay?

Should I hold you and make you stay,

Or should I let go and let you go your own way?

In the end, I just stand and stare and silently pray,

Because today, I just can't find the words to say.


A story that has waited long enough to be told,

Squirming in the silence,

Itching to unfold.

A story that bleeds a thousand words,

Begging to be heard,

Pleading to be known.

To whom...



I wonder,

Will I be able to tell my story?

Moved On

I heard a song I used to like and I thought, "I miss you".

But the song ended and I thought, "I don't miss you after all".

I walked by a couple holding hands and I thought, "I need you".

But I looked at my dog beside me and I smiled to myself and I thought, "I don't need you after all".

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