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Night the Safe Haven


A dark blanket that covers your pain from the suffering that the sun casts upon you.

A bliss from the heaven's to wander painlessly, freely and bask in Gods mighty embrace.

All the harsh conditions that Solis puts you through yet it all could end with one or two.

With all the darkness the sun prevails, and so do all the doubts that wander around and take you from peace.

But i grew into reaping that even the safest haven cannot shelter you from the never ending distress.

When you wake up and still the pain is numb "no place can shelter you from the pain that comes" what it told me in my dream.

One who thought that night can shield him from The scars and marks that still cover all.

You who thought that night can cover you but it looked away and made it worse.

Yet It can't be true that all of death and life are but a proof of a vengeful night that made your dreams come to an end.

© 2021 Mahmood z rustam

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