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Night and Day Poems

Verlie Burroughs is a west coast writer from Vancouver Island.


Senryu IV

birds awake at dawn,
sweet trills and chitter chatter
rustling into day.

Senryu V

Starlings return now
to nightfall nest, chirps chancing
as they settle in.

Seasonally Affected

Fall equinox is a day away,
here, in the north hemisphere.
A planetary occurrence to test the endurance
of folks who have no affection for snow.

Round and round we go, dimming down,
seasonally affected, light loss expected.
Turning, blind and confined,
in the darkening day.

Under Pressure


Pulling stars out of the sky to mark the time
pretending there is no winter setting in
that I am happy to be a human in '18
on a planet under pressure
pretending it is fun, not grim.


Imagining everything is going to be alright.

© 2018 Verlie Burroughs

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