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Night Time Woes


Night Time Woes

It's time to sleep To be serene To lay your head down To have sweet dreams You shut your mind off So, you can rest Then when you wake up You'll be at your best It seems very easy It seems simple to do You close your eyes And say "Goodnight Moon"

What if it wasn't? What if it was hard? What if you had your reasons to be afraid of the dark? What if what you feared wasn't a monster under the bed ? Instead, it's all the scary things that live inside your head What would you do? I know how I feel A time for tranquility Turned into emotional upheaval

I know that it's strange I feel it's not right All that makes me anxious Comes to me in the still of the night

Being filled with upset Being filled with stress Isn't what I want What I want is to relax Dreading the night Having bad dreams And, occasional insomnia I know it's not just me

Dear Mr. Sandman Bring us a dream Sprinkle your magic dust To help us fall asleep And, set our minds free

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