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“Night”- Ishita Bose


The beauty and complexity of life begins when we start leading two lives, one what is observed through a binoculars and the other which is observed through a microscope.

We often call it our night life, that portion of our life which is kept between the moon and you, the conversations, the tears, the secrets like scattered stars adorning the night sky blazing with emotions.

Perhaps, we as people relate to the moon more and not the sun much since the sun is only a ball burning inside out whereas the moon shows us half of itself and veils the other half not giving everyone the privilege to get to it.

Perhaps that’s why oftentimes on a bright night we see a single mom holding a glass of wine enjoying the night view, a full time workaholic dancing to the beats of a song, the frequently bubbly girl sitting in her room quietly reading a book, the so called goodie two shoes unleashing her rebel and people getting drunk on the glamour of the night.

The secrets and words, the pain and tears, the carefree and joy, the relief and solace its all like that side of the moon which is not visible to everyone, but perhaps while sharing our thoughts maybe the moon too showed its craters to us in return.

We may never know, but that’s the beauty of it all, that’s the beauty of night. The endless darkness engulfing us, speaking volumes to us, the blanket of emotions as our stars beautifully covering that darkness making us adore ourselves and the moon our partner.

You’re mistaken if you think that the night ends there, because its not just a phase or part of day for some people but a feeling of companionship for others. Still we may never know because the night holds your true self as security and the secrets for eternity, filled with endless stories between the night and you.


Ishita Bose.

© 2020 Ishita Bose

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