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Night Falls Somewhere Between Dusk and Dawn

I have stumbled across a new passion: writing. It is proving to be insightful and rewarding.

The night: catch it before it falls.
Don’t wait for it to plummet.
Grab it coming towards you.
Hold it close, close your eyes and open your mind.

Imagine the setting sun as it drops to the horizon.
It leaves the sky a yellow orange glow.
The yellow turns to orange the lower it sinks behind the horizon.
Soon the colors turn darker under twilight’s winter chill.

You find an ancient bed cover and unfold it over yourself.
The sky clears as the stars come out and calmly dance.
They tell stories of long ago as they prompt you to slumber and dream.
Covering yourself with the tranquil fabric of the ancients, the cloth not only warms you, but inspires an exchange of like minds.

A dusky pattern imprinted in your conscience since you were a child finds you.
The pattern is a night sky filled with brightly lit stars of long ago.
Those stars of so long ago are all since gone now.
The night sky is no longer familiar to you.

You are sad.
Vague dreams of another time, another place, another dimension fill your mind.
Remembrances of being there seem familiar, but you can’t put your finger on it.
The friends and acquaintance's you knew are a familiar feeling, but yet they are elusive. Did love find you so long ago and far away?

Do you continue to hold a place for your twin flame? When? Where?
The space is hauntingly familiar, but yet won’t come into focus.
Where’s the balance that once lived in your heart and soul?
Does the energy of your memories still beat deep inside?

Come to us and study our ancient ways.
Remain consistent to yourself and happiness will follow.
Love yourself and your confidence will grow.
Will your heart to open wide without fear.

Watch for your twin to join you and when he or she does, embrace them with adoration. Worship each other. Stay true to your feelings. Allow enlightenment to expand between you. Don’t let your flame burn out. Pledge to remain together forever more and remember night falls somewhere between dusk and dawn.

For Always
Josh Groban, Lara Fabian

I close my eyes
And there in the shadows I see your light
You come to me out of my dreams across
The night

You take my hand
Though you may be so many stars away
I know that our spirits and souls are one
We've circled the moon and we've touched the sun
So here we'll stay

For Always
Beyond here and on to eternity

For Always
For us there's no time and no space
No barrier love won't erase
Wherever you go
I still know in my heart you will be
With me

From this day on
I'm certain that I'll never be alone
I know what my heart must have always known
That love has a power that's all it's own

And For Always
Now we can fly
And For Always
and always

We will go on beyond goodbye

For Always
Beyond here and on to eternity
For Always
And ever
You'll be a part of me
And For Always

One thousand tomorrows may cross the sky
And For Always
And always
We will go on beyond goodbye

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Cynthia Weil / John T. Williams
For Always lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, DYAD Music Ltd., Wixen Music Publishing

© 2021 Laurie S Novak

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