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Night Dreams v/s Dawning Reality

This inquisitive fellow here serves an inclination towards reading, writing, exploring new things and much more....


Pearling the firmament bluish-grey

The dawning crepuscule shines at her bay

She glimpses through the windows of her soul

A day built to her design - imaginary, figmental

Where days out of sombre nights

Effulge sparkling with cheers & delights

Where the roars of cloudy nights

Perk up with gleeful chirrups of the morning twilight

Where the nature's dewy eyes in the stormy nights

Gleam with nascence under the sunup lights

Where the unembellished starless nights

Culminate in - "nature strewn with pearly drops", such sights

Where the effluvia of the reeky nights

Turn into petrichor while the aurora touches its euphoric heights

Soon the chimera meets the reality

As she removes from her eyes the curtains of obscurity

Sinking back into oblivion, they leave her with an empty canvas

To paint her life with rich and vivid shades with a lot of flamboyance.....

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