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Black Pride

Olaoluwa is a pharmacy student of Federal university Oye ekiti, Nigeria. He is Strutting along life's road, striving,thriving and surviving


My black eyes

Shows and tell the story of my black pride

Call me royal, cause I'm a black king

Or call me evil, cause of my black skin

I won't to the strap, discard my town

To impress silly, funny clowns

Who spread black hate around

And keep on their head black crowns

They say I can't be the best

For I am not from the west

Call me inferior

Saying blacks don't have inventions

Bring to me black messiahs

With black pride like Amadioha

Ogun, Sango and Oya

Back knowledge and desires

Black pride, my black land

With black people and black hands

My black ancestors, their black sons

On the black continent shine the sun

I'll stand in the black shoes of Mandela

Put on the courage of Martin Luther

And sing the songs of Fela

For I am a black man from Africa

© 2021 Perfect gentleman

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