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Africa's Fist

Justice is a certified Geographer from The University of Uyo, Nigeria. He is ardently skilled in Biogeography and is also a talented writer.


Nigeria! Africa's Fist

Nigeria, the noble son of Africa. You stood out among the hordes of men and on the sands of history your bravery was planted.
Like a western kingdom, your glory permeated hearts causing a reddening of lips. In you, the Aso Rock stood towering verily with unequivocal aplomb as a symbol of uncorrupted power. Your deeds of valor echoed throughout the dust of the Sahara as Monarchs bowed to your resplendence. The shoulders of your men were as broad as the Idanre hills applauding you with a thousand accolades. The wisdom of your old men were as smooth as the palm nut of the Ibibios according them respect as to a Gujarati. As long ago may your heroic deeds echo throughout Sheikdoms, with your brothers may you make Africa proud and may the beautiful maidens of the Deserts keep rising before your Princes.

© 2021 Justice William


Justice William (author) from Nigeria on April 11, 2021:

Nice write up

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