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Nice Girl Jersey Retirement Party: Forgetting the Past

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Put away the routine life sentence uniform forever

Set it ablaze after being stifled too much by the collar

Started over with a newer, more overheated demeanor

Created a new brew of the darkest beer ever prepared

Almost too toxic to pick up and drink

It'll burn your mouth and your throat in the process

Full of bitter almonds with a strong lemon aftertaste

Could have been a bad batch or mixed wrong

Hard to say but this concoction was rotten to core

Marinated with an impossibly thorny level of rage

Partially a chemical imbalance compounded by

A little bit of a hole in the secretive airspace

Co-Opted by Warren Buffett and Richard Branson

Polluted by a very dangerous emotional sliding scale

Ready to let the world known that this former good girl

No longer wanted to play well with others

Especially if they kept getting locked in the burn ward repeatedly

Put their hands to the fire once too many

Helped out others only to get thrown into an inferno

Left battered and burned beyond recognition

Wondered if it was time to lead the charge of the ruthless

Step on the ones who usually do the stepping

Gave them a taste of their own medicine

Veered towards a considerably rash impulsive streak

Casey picked up that perpetual troublemaking Louisville Slugger

To cause some serious property damage and then some

Just like Lemonade era Beyoncé did in one of her music videos

And went completely medieval on a Lincoln MKZ

That belonged to the neighbor that stole her parking spot

One too many times in the last month

Minor infraction that added up after being belittled far too long

Went far too out of the way in random acts of kindness

Only to be drop kicked to the ground and stepped on

By a pair of tradition black and white Converse sneakers

A moment of stress relieving vandalism that led to something more

A short stint in jail and a rather high fine to pay off that moment of relief

Best to confront your social demons before blowing your top

Like a Tasmanian Devil who listened to AC/DC too much growing up

Took a major step back and realized baseball bats weren't good idea

Time to take a much more subtle approach to dealing with it

Put some black ink to a piece of paper to address the issue

Wrote it all down and forgot about it

Red hot chili pepper of a temper turned down a relaxed 68 degrees

Better to choose a second impulse rather than the first

No need to spend time in jail; unless it was justified

In this case, it definitely was not.

Planned to make my secret recipe ultra-private

Only for the eyes of people worthy of its coveted contents

Let's see how it goes with keeping everything close to the vest

True test of the meddle of others if they're well-intentioned or not

Only time will reveal if it's possibly the case.

Here comes trouble.

Here comes trouble.