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Next Step Leaving The Hurt Behind

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When You Have A Chance

You can see life in a different way

When we are busy

We don't have the time

To accept and allow the darkness in

Most people find other things to entertain them

It is not a question of belief

A view of the world

That makes us unique

It is not easy

When we get rattled

To understand our thoughts at hand

We are not ready to forgive

So we find new ways to let live

Our escape to the sweetest place

Where we touch upon all that do not know

Taking time to digest

Constantly entertaining thoughts

That bring a new concepts into focus

Do we make every effort to go back to the same spot?

Where we once were

On the move

Too much at once

Going forward

To be someone so much lighter

Cutting through all that is not clear

Sometimes we are so very pleased

Eating steak tips that taste great

Watching t.v. shows that give us joy

Slipping back and sharing the best times

When two people can feel the passion

Turning on the heat

So it can create a soothing atmosphere

Where layers of each day

Suddenly peel away

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