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Newness, Aspiration and Renewal: Spring. To the Poetess Brenda Arledge

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Spring Prompt

Brenda Arledge believes that word prompts helps creativity. She says that she was inspired when stumbling across a daily challenge provided by hashtag: VSS 365. and was inspired by it.

Brenda herself is now giving us prompts, to encourage our writing creative juices to flow. 'Spring' is her prompt for Creativity work 2:

"Each week I will be tossing out a word prompt to help get our creative minds starting on the right track.

This is the second week and the prompt is "Spring ".

Jot down a few verses or a paragraph. Whatever comes to mind.

Then send me a link or post in comments.". - Brenda Arledge

The Radiance of Spring

"The radiance of spring,

Is like the Light of Beauty

Walking on the soul of Love's delight." - Manatita

Spring Flowers


Newness, Growth, Aspiration and Renewal

As are our promises and constant modes of transformation, so too, newness and renewal have always been aspirational to creation. The soil is nurtured by the sun; flowers and plants spring up and bloom as necessary. Animals come out of hibernation as humans rejoice in the sunlight, heralding the season of spring.

A seed is sown in the womb of an embryo … a baby comes into the world and the joy of mom is unbounded by the virgin birth. Things die, only to be born anew. Summer replaces winter; birth is followed by passing and a new cycle of birth begins again. Ask the magenta leaves of Autumn, as they show us their visual display of majesty.

This cyclical act of sacrifice, is necessary to creation and endlessly transcending itself. All things sentient and non-sentient come and go; new life-movements emerge in the spirit of self-transcendence. When the new day dawns, flowers bloom and blossom with the sunrise.

The song-birds charm our hearts, even as – on the ocean – the waves rise and fall, tides flow and recede into their depths. But we talk of spring, of growth and verdant foliage … of daffodils, orchids and hydrangeas, the epitome of the delight of renewal and ever-increasing beauty. Its pageantry of butterflies, rainbows, virgin horizons and magical scents, fills our souls with solace, tranquility … peace.

As March approaches, let us all evoke this kind of awe and reverence, this paragon of allure, elegance and charisma into our lives.


Spring. A Free-style Sonnet

The embryo is ebony, silent; mysterious,

But out here it’s open, vast … engaging!

The baby cries, exposed in her nakedness,

To a bewildering environment of sweetness-Love.

The hush of silence glistens, as a mother’s tilted

Gaze, beams an unspoken joy in all directions. Everything

Is new: the surgeon’s scrubs, the cut, the virgin cry; the

Tilted forceps, still in range of the midwife’s careful focus.

Dawn peeps through the curtains, whispering

Renewals, as both Iris and narcissus change shifts,

Blossoming anew to the Light of beauty. Spring is just

As intimate: reverent, immaculate, unfurling with precision.

Calling upon the heavens to witness her grandeur, she adorns

Herself with sacred blue-bells, whispering love-songs to the rising sun.

- Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 25th February, 2021.

Spring dawn


Colours of my Heart

"The colours of my Heart,

Can only glow in this vast

Tapestry of supernal beauty." - Manatita


A Celestial Renewal

© 2021 manatita44

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