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New Found Wealth


Something We All Could Want

Each day would be a little easier

To have a little extra

Is it wrong to want a little more to tie us over?

Either physical or mental state of mind

It would make a real difference

Finally, we could be a little ahead instead of always behind

Know something nobody else knew

If things come up unexpectedly

We managed and made it work

We had a simple answer

There was no other way

Nobody was any better off or any different

Fix the problem

Then sooner things will be back to normal

Less of a struggle

The feeling of ease

Relaxing and enjoying

Well I found a simple secret

To know where you want to go

You have to know where you have been

If we think back to when?

We didn't have everything we have now

All the gadgets and mechanical devices

Before computers

No cable t.v.

No cell phones

No security home alarms

Car alarms and remote car starters

Was it so bad?

As we advanced

The more we had, the more we wanted

Instant everything

Somewhere along the line

Did we stop appreciating what we really had

Real freedom each day

The ability to go anywhere

Carrying almost nothing

I would grab my wallet and my car keys

I didn't have to worry about breaking anything

My first car cost me $500 dollars

I took care of that car

As if it was made out of gold

Now kids cell phones cost more than that

Even on a family plan there is another $40.00 a month

Don't forget insurance just incase your cell phone breaks

A monthly cable bill can be well over $100 a month

Little by little all those small monthly fees at up

To a whole bundle of money

For what?

Peace of mind or to have something we really don't need

If you look around people want you to believe

It is something you can't live without

Growing up I remember

Saving up money

Just to go to the movies

Coming home and turning on the radio

Listening to music

Then having the ability to play records and later casette tapes

Turning on to a few of my favorite songs

I couldn't wait to listen

Over and over again

As I got older

I gained more responsibility

I had a car

With that car it gave me freedom to go anywhere I wanted to go

I didn't need a G.P.S.

We followed signs

Asked for directions

If we were lost

We pulled out an old paper map from the glove box

As long as the car worked and we had enough gas

Off we went

We paid for the car in cash

We had to pay for car insurance monthly

Only later did I save up to buy a house

Paying a morgage instead of rent

It was a smart idea

Saving for something

I could own in the future

Not any time soon

Well as I look around

Society has changed

Everyone has become impatient

They all want tomorrow today

Now they don't want to wait

They don't have to wait

The computer at home isn't good enough

Where you can find everything

You have to have one at your finger tips

Just in case

At home I didn't have a lot

Everyone was in the same boat

So I wasn't worrried about anyone breaking into my home

The old saying was true

The robbers would be so disappointed

Somebody must of been here and cleaned me out before them

When you went in your car

You waited for it to heat up in the winter or cool off in the summer

By cranking up the heat and blasting the air conditioner

That is if it still worked

If you had to make a phone call

You asked a neighbor to use their phone

If you were out and about

There was a pay phone on the corner

It was pricey

A whole ten cents

So often you would wait

Unless it was real important

Then you pulled out that dime sparingly

Like it was your last dime

Technology has changed people

What we had then is no longer good enough

So if that is true

Then people should be happier than ever

Why is the opposite so true

People have nicer cars than I ever had

They look like brand new

They have the ability to go anywhere without getting lost

They can know everything about anything

At a flip of a finger

Before I bought the newspaper

For the latest news

Another twenty five cents I wasn't sure I wanted to spend

Most of the time I would wait

UntiI the 6:00 local news like everyone else

If I really was interested in something

I went to my local library

i walkede up and down the isles

Found a book on the subject

Maybe recent but more often than not

A book printed three or four years ago

Then if I wanted to know more

I could go to the local book store

Buy a book

By the time I got there

After looking around

I had a whole lot of books I was interested in

More often than not

I picked up a book or two

Read a few pages

Put them back and told myself

Another time

Soon after that

I forgot all about not just that book but many others

I was busy doing so many other things

Hanging out with a few of my friends

Tossing around a football or going down the street to shoot some baskets

Talking and mostly dreaming

What the world will be like when we grow up

Who would of guessed

How great we really had it

Richier in life than ever before


DREAM ON (author) on January 03, 2019:

Bill I think it is good to think back to remember what we have experienced and do what makes us feel great each and every day. Thank you so much for your comments. Have a sweet and wonderful night.

Bill on January 02, 2019:

I think back often...I hope that doesn't mean I'm slipping into senility. lol Loved this reflection, my friend.

DREAM ON (author) on January 02, 2019:

Gypsy Rose Lee As the new year gets underway, I worked as other people celebrated. I guess work is what I am celebrating in 2019. My work makes everything possible. My wife had a touch of a cold and now she has shared it with me. How nice. So as I write this I'm a little under the weather. Our cat Charlotte lies beside me with so much love to give. I feel instantly better. She sends Sid the biggest and happiest hello. I am so glad you are doing well. I am in your corner when things get tough. Hang in there and see it through. You have gone through so much the past few years. I hope you will always cherish the greatest of memories and let the things that bother you be the inspiration for the best is still yet to come. To keep the faith in life and love. We all have different struggles and setbacks but they don't define us who we are. As we rise above our troubles and find the love of our pets Sid and Charlotte. Unconditional and so unique every day. That is only the beginning. There is love for one another. It never has to end because we lost the ones we love. They make room for other people in our lives so we can experience new love. Fresh and may be different than what we knew. Love keeps growing. We keep growing. To stop loving is like to stop writing. It can be done. The real question why would we stop. We have to live. Through writing we experience life. Through living we experience life. Combined is something so beautiful. You have shown it time and time again in your writing. Thank you for sharing your heart and soul. Happy New Year 2019.

DREAM ON (author) on January 02, 2019:

Audrey Hunt I love such advances in all fields of science and especially medical. Thinking about how many people have been healed that would of have died. When I was born my mother would told me I had 50/50 chance of living. I had a brother who never had that opportunity. I was blessed with three older brothers. My wife was an only child. Her mother and father said she was their miracle baby. Years later my wife and I were unable to conceive children. We are blessed with many nieces and nephews. How lucky are we? There are so many things in today's world to appreciate. To not enjoy and be thankful for it is sad. So many advances didn't happen overnight. They took a struggle and dreams. Most importantly people to carry out those dreams. Thank you for your beautiful comment. Wishing you and your whole family a blessed and beautiful Happy New Year. May 2019 be the happiest and healthiest yet.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on December 31, 2018:

As they say each new year - health, wealth, and happiness. We could also include love and then life would be ideal. I am happy to say I am managing to make a nice passive income online especially writing for Textbroker and I cash out each week. Wishing for you and yours all four things in the new year and hope it is a Happy, inspirational New Year! Sid sends his sincerest meows to Charlotte.

Audrey Hunt from Idyllwild Ca. on December 30, 2018:

Growing up with none of today's inventions and luxuries, I was still happy and times were much slower. I do appreciate today's technology, however, the problems that accompany these advances seem to bring plenty of frustrations. Love your take on this. Happy New Year, my friend.

DREAM ON (author) on December 29, 2018:

Verlie Burroughs I am amazed at technology and the beauty and speed of it all. I don't understand for the life of me why everyone else has such a sourpuss on their face. I could bury my face in knowledge and read for hours only to find out I never want to leave. People all around me are so bored and complacent. You show me a book I am happy. You show me a friend who read that book I am estatic. Here it is coming to the end of the year. I have written a stoem and I already see your heartfelt comment. I am once again filled with a warm and sensitive joy. A sense of calmness and peacefulness. Thank you so much. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Happy New Year.

Verlie Burroughs from Canada on December 29, 2018:

Wow! I can relate to this. So well written, and feels like it could go on further still. It's like the tip of the iceberg in questioning what we've lost.

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