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New-Age Villain


Flying through clear skies of blue,

No honking, polluting cars to wade through,

Is just one of the benefits of my job description.

And before you start making any assumptions,

Let me tell you who I am,

The lady who has lunch with stars and skies,

Who rises before sunrise,

To conquer citizens and their cities hitherto,

I'm the new-age girl superhero.

Media, markets and men alike,

Are clearly besotted with my mere sight.

And such childish questions do they ask,

To find the mystery behind my custom-made mask,

"Are you from Krypton?"

"Did a bug bite you too?"

"Oh! Please," I reply.

"These are stories for mere mortals like you."

I descend from goddesses of Greece and Rome,

Whose magical powers and beauty alone,

Helped claim so many thrones.

And so I've come to take my rightful place,

As queen to the entire human race.

Love me, worship me and serve me well,

Otherwise with my powers I will send you to hell.

And so began my monopoly,

Over the world's politics and economy

Gradually my unchallenged dominance,

Reached every nook and cranny, every province.

And to fulfil my whims and wishes,

Presidents and dictators being gracious,

Did everything possible in their bidding,

To ensure my luxurious well-being.

But suddenly, to my utter surprise,

I was shaken and made to rise.

The glorious sight I was seeing,

Turned out to be my frivolous dream

And my father was trying to wake me up,

Trying to feed me toasted bread with tea in a cup.

Sometimes I do wish that l were more than a zero

Only if really were a superhero.

© 2017 Shreya Chadha

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