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Never Your Juliet


Cold breeze on one fine night
Sparkling stars are on my sight
Scenery was beautiful yet I feel empty
Being alone without you is not worthy

You're my Romeo and I believe I'm your Juliet
To be in your arms is doubtless our fate
But everybody was against on our pair
Talks that make me sleep in despair

They blind you with false words
And left me in your own accord
Tears on my eyes, pain in my heart
My Romeo with his another princess they depart

A dagger was stab on the chest
This mad love was surely a mess
Truthfully I was never your beloved Juliet
Dripping blood, drown in pain, I die in quiet

© 2019 Lynresh Fallorina


Lynresh Fallorina (author) from Philippines on June 25, 2019:

Thank you Ashly! :)

Ashly Christen from Illinois on June 24, 2019:

The beautiful picture caught my attention

I also enjoyed reading this piece