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Never Stop Writing Your Story

Poetry is turning out to be a very cathartic medium, I should do this more often.

Set the Mood

Now you fill in the rest!

Now you fill in the rest!

Words spill forth onto barren pages,

Just as tears fall to the floor.

No more barren than the heart of the masses,

Fill the void with every last thought.

For what is the point of existence,

If not to exist for deeper meaning?

Follow the adventurer through his story,

Or conceive the plot of your own tales.

Life is made to receive your pen,

Spill the ink upon her face.

Stain this world with your eternal legacy,

Let it not grow dusty upon stagnation’s shelf.

Glory awaits you in the darkest depths,

And the light burns bright within your heart.

Take hold of your pride and swing it,

Let the wind of the blade cool your woes.

The world will fight back at every step,

Your telling will be muddled by controversy.

Do not let the recoil knock you off your feet,

The hands of repression need not bind you.

You Are Your Story's Author

I know it is cliché, but people tend to forget they are their life's own author. Every power that is, was, and ever shall be could never change that fact. Yet I sit and observe others, their lives and misfortunes, and I see them allowing the stories of others to dictate their fates.

Why, I ask, why would you ever do such a thing? Yes, it is easy to allow another to take the pen and author your tales, but you hide your own beauty beneath theirs. Let your story flow free from your own telling, and never allow someone to outshine you in your own story.