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Never Hide a Secret From Your Mother - She Knows It All

Nithya Venkat enjoys writing about nature and different aspects of life in the form of poetic verses.



Never hide a secret from your mom; she will surely find out. She knows you through and through and knows just what you have been up to.

Not only that, but a mother can also predict you're every move and read you like a book; she knows that you are trying to hide something from her the minute she looks at you.

Never hide a secret from your mom,

For she can always tell what you are up to,

By the look on your face, the way you talk,

Your shifty eyes and the way you walk.

Never hide a secret from your mom,

You know she is your friend,

She will help you and guide you,

And always be there till the end,

So do not worry and tell her all,

Be sure she will not let you fall,

She will bail you out of a situation,

She will cushion all your falls,

She will guide you to your destination,

And help avoid all the pitfalls,

Never hide a secret from your mom,

For she is your friend, companion, and guide,

She will be with you,

In all your success and your failures,

And help you walk the extra mile,


She will give you confidence like nobody ever can,

She will understand when no one else can,

She will always offer her shoulder for you to cry on,

She will always make things better,

And walk with you hand in hand.

Your Mom Knows it All

Never hide a secret from your mom

You think you can carry on

Know this for sure; you just cant my dear

So just tell her and move on.

Never hide a secret from your mom

She is smarter than you think she is

Do not irritate her


Underestimate her

She will find out

Just tell her what it is

Never hide a secret from your mom

She is there to help you out

Just know this is true

Whatever you do

She will love you

Without a doubt

© 2012 Nithya Venkat

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