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Never Good Enough~a Poem

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I don't understand why

Every guy is never good enough

Or why I like some guys and they think

I'm not good enough!

Why is it that someone or other is

Never good enough?

They think I'm too fat

Or too much of a handful

They think I come on too strong

I think they're not smart enough

Or not mature enough

Or I compare them to the perfect guy I thought I had

Why does this happen

Don't they know that love is not logical?

Why can't we just act on our desires

And give into the fire


Never good enough

You and me

We're never good enough

Maybe it's good

We'll never marry

We'll never divorce

But we'll never have kids either

Or someone to love us when we're old

Why can't you be a shoulder to cry on

Or someone to eat with, walk with, talk with

Why do you expect perfection?

Why do I expect high intelligence?

Will we ever find happiness?

Can we just love ourselves?

When can we give up the horrible dating?

And just enjoy one person?


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