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Never Gone Forever

I have stumbled across a new passion: writing. It is proving to be insightful and rewarding.

Wild Flowers

Wild Flowers

They just don't show up anymore.
One day they're here, the next they're gone.
Another anonymous empty chair where they last sat.
Why do they go away?

I look over to where they sat and reminisce.
I catch my breath as a glimpse of their memory flashes before me.
Isn't it mystical the way the sun sparkles and the wind whispers their name?
I know their kind spirit will awaken my mind for as long as it lives within me.

I know they're still around, in you and in me.
Although they left too early we continue to remember them even though they’re on the other side of eternity. Their memory lives on within us as we celebrate another day. I am comforted that one day we should meet again holding onto hope to find their spirit walking the streets of gold.

And I am glad our hearts and paths crossed in this lifetime, on this time line.
I am thrilled each time I think of them and to know I am stronger for having known them. God speed until we meet again.

© 2021 Laurie S Novak


Laurie S Novak (author) from Michigan on September 05, 2021:

Thank you Peggy, Lora, and Misbah! I so appreciate all of you stopping and taking time to comment. I've been absent on HubPages for a while but I'm back! I actually now have three books of poems available on Amazon if you'd like to check them out. Here is https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B092P6WX3B/ref... link to one of them:

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on September 04, 2021:

At my stage of life, I can truly relate to what you wrote. So many of my loved ones (including pets) are already gone. My thoughts and dreams keep them alive and I look forward to the day of reuniting in the next life.

Lora Hollings on September 04, 2021:

This is so beautiful, Laurie. It seems like all the people I loved the most and my dearest pet are now gone from this earth. I catch myself having conversations with them daily and see them in my mind always wanting to hang on to these images of them. I hope one day to see them walking the streets of gold too. I really enjoyed your lovely reverie. Thank you.

Misbah Sheikh from The World of Rebels. on September 04, 2021:

Your last lines said that all. Beautiful piece of writing.

Blessings to you!!

Laurie S Novak (author) from Michigan on September 04, 2021:

Thank you, Brenda! You have such a way with words and compliments. I always appreciate your feedback! Peace.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on September 03, 2021:


Another wonderful poem.

Our thoughts will always linger.

It is strange how the wind can whisper a name & we remember thoughts of someone.

The chair maybe empty, but our thoughts are full.

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