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Never Give Up Let Haters Know

Alexis K. Ellis is a writer who wishes to strengthen her writing prowess. Her goal is to follow a better writing work ethic. Daily progress.

Always Do Your Best

Never stop trying to do your best

Let the haters and naysayers know

That faith gives you hope

Motivation to stand the test

When adversity shows up.

Power and love sustains

Peace and belief in your skills,

The Father in Heaven declares it

When you do His will.

Keep Your Dreams Hidden

The best-laid plans

The best dreams

Should stay hidden

Should be guarded

Until you are ready to stand on top.

Because when you're down

No one wants to pick you up.

But God.


So, don't let people push you around

Don't lay your dreams aside.

Self-love is essential

Self-love is real

Determination fuels potential

Focus don't fear.


Fear can trap you

Into a dark pit

Darkness surrounds your life

When you have toxic friends.

Let God lead you

Seek to please Him

God believes in you

His angels protect you.

His blessings, His plans, His purpose and reward,

If asked for you will gain

So don't let go of the dreams you had as a child,

Never tell the dreams you wished for goodbye.

© 2021 Alexis K Ellis 37

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