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Neighbors - A Sestina

Wendy is a self-proclaimed "Cannabis Ambassador" and runs SC Smoke Shop with her husband in Greenville, SC.

Dimly, he could see her across the field

Every morning, near dawn, grooming her horse,

Brushing, combing, until the mane was soft,

Often she took the mare on a quick run

Taking the higher jump at the white fence

Catching herself, quickly, almost falling.

At first, he did not know he was falling

For her, his heart was still out in left field.

But soon, when he saw her through the white fence,

He found sweat on his palms, his voice grew hoarse.

His heart would pound as though he had just run,

He thought about her hair, her skin, so soft.

He did his chores while the light was still soft,

Pitching hay in the loft, almost falling

Once when she came from the house in a run,

Hair loose, she came flying into the field

And knelt, crying until her sobs were hoarse.

Quickly, he left the barn and leapt the fence.

Before, she was a myth seen through the fence,

He held her now, his tone of voice was soft.

No sound except the stamping of the horse.

As he brushed back her hair that was falling.

Her tears were cool, like dew fresh on the field,

She wept, he thought her tears would always run.

He felt so scared, his mind begged him to run,

But his heart kept him on this side of the fence.

His world, his life, were all in this damp field.

This hushed dawn light, the grass so wet and soft

Holding his dream as though she were falling

Like a bright star. Yet the sound of the horse

And her dark hair, smelling vaguely of horse,

Were real. Then soon his eyes began to run

But he brushed back the tear while it was falling.

He stared wide eyed over at the white fence,

He tried to fight, but still the lines grew soft

And his tears joined the dew of the field.

She turned toward the fence, he thought that she would run,

But her soft hand touched the tear that she found falling.

Together they left the field, walking toward the impatient horse.



Marie Flint from Jacksonville, FL USA on January 02, 2019:

Good job on the form. (I actually had to look up the term 'sestina' to understand what it was.)

What a romantic piece! That last line of the envoy, however, kind of leaves me with a "thud." I don't know how you could improve that without changing the form.

Overall, nicely done.

Verlie Burroughs from Canada on January 02, 2019:

Wendy this is really nice work, Sestina is challenging. I enjoyed how you stayed with the theme throughout.

WENDY JD ROGERS (author) from LYMAN on January 01, 2019:

Thank you

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on January 01, 2019:

A lovely tale Wendy. I enjoyed reading it.

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