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Needed You

As I have personally experienced the emotions I speak in this poem, I wanted to elaborate how it hurts when the one you love hurts you.



Where Were You?

Where were you when I tossed in the middle of the night

Only to awake in cold sweats

Where were you when you told me that I would never worry cause you wouldn't do anything to make me feel like this relationship was something I'd regret

Where were you when you said that you were 10 minutes away

I waited for you and still

you never made it to celebrate my day

My birthday to be exact

I counted out each candle that did not represent my age

But instead how many times you left

I blew them out in anger cause I was so enraged

Why hurt me so bad if you didn't want to be kept

Where were you when I told you I just wanted to be in your presence

When you told me you had presents

Where were you when you told me I would never feel alone

You told me I was the queen of your kingdom and that I sat on the throne

Lately, I haven't felt like you are showing me what you told me you would

Making me see

Just how much I was never a priority

You could care less if I stayed or if I leave

Where were you when I needed your help

You ignored me for days and kept to yourself

Where were you when I called you

Only to not hear your voice on the other line

As I was answered by your voicemail

Because you never had time

The time to spend with me

I'd do anything for you,

I'd beg and I plead

I gave you everything

All I had hoped for was that the love I gave would be returned to me

Where were you when I told you I was okay but deep down I was not and you knew this

Where were you when I all I wanted was a simple kiss

Where were you when I had achieved the greatest thing in my life

Where were you when everyone was against me

When trouble began to strike

Where were you

All I needed was a little advice

Where were you because I truly needed you

I needed you to be there

I needed you to wipe my tears

To acknowledge my fears

To reassure that your love was real

I needed you to care

I needed you empathize

To tell me the truth for once and I wouldn't penalize you for those previous lies

I needed you to give me a warm embrace

To make me feel loved

To make me smile

To brighten my day

To make me feel secure

To wash every inch of my pain away

Where were you were

Can you answer that

I promise if you tell me the truth I won't fight back

I'd just have to accept the truth

That I never once mattered to you

Love is kind, love is patient, and it does not boast

If you loved me so much

Where were you when I needed you the most

To feel lonely in your relationship, is scarier than being simply alone


Feeling Alone in a Relationship

Lonely In a Relationship

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