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I write, read, crochet, sing, and play musical instruments. A sucker for learning.

05082021 entry

I live in a place where

birds sing different tunes

their melodies are like conversations

among all the existing species of birds


the chickens eat plants

the plants are happy though

they need you most of the time

the cows are kind

they just stare with their pitch black eyes

when you pass them by.

the trees all bear mama's favorite fruits

and they dance non-stop

leaving shaken leaves on the ground

burnt leaves smell like men's perfume, tobacco, or

roasted mangoes

sometimes, roasted reptiles

i like the reptiles

they're shy

the frogs cannot be shunned by

a broom or a stick

they stay in their places.

the rocks and grass are a bit insecure

you have to lift your heels higher than usual

and you need hand gloves when you grab them.

the skies are always blue

i know

I always look up for hope

the sun can be merciful at times

the wind is always softer

friends are sincerer

and God is nearer.

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