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Nature's Treasure

This nature poem presents the scenic view of nature and its effect on human beings.


Nature's Treasure

Surrounded by tall mountains
A serpentine river meanders
Through paths unknown
To distant destinations
With ceaseless steadiness

Amazingly serene landscape
Coupled with still sky above
Offers a heart-warming view
Of the river full to the brim
With life-giving nectar
Rendering the mother-earth fertile

Standing somewhere too far
With nothing but solace in heart
A heavenly beauty felt the magic
Of the nature's varied forms

Gifted with innocence as she was
And blessed with vision as she was
She crystalized the irresistible charm
Of the panoramic landscape
With ever-flowing water beneath
Of the labyrinthine river

The image she captured
Of the nature in its purest form
Made deep inroads into my heart
And rendered a storehouse of treasure
That I will lose never and cherish forever..........

© 2020 Dev Kant Sharma

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