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Nature of Time

Evans has been the CEO at Evans Electrical and Electronics Ventures. With a Bsc degree and other various certificate and awards.

Plant and humans are both answerable to nature

Just as the sun rise the plant rejoice and droping of rain they glamour in it, not quit long they notice it was not the way it was at first when it started, getting to a point it was too much on them, still dey bear the burden, it was as if the genesis was not pleasant to them despart all ,with little patient, little endurance , little courage it was like a miracle to their reality, what ever situation u are passing through today just known the nature of time.
The plant knewn the mistery of nature, the constant factor of life was not hidden to them. they knewn night must suly comes(moon) and rain is a respecter of time right from the days of Noah, their success was enbordered on the three factor they rely on , patient, endurance and courage.
patient conot knowning the end result, endurance conot having the purview of the end, and courage conot determination. the reason you enjoy the situation you are is because you expect a turn around .
plant had patient because they knewn night will definitly come and moon will give confort at the absent of sun lost joy will be restored,
they endure because they known joy is the end result, couragious becase they were determined . situations are not pepertual in nature neither are they enternal, principles bridge the gap and make u conceive the realness and realism of nature. As time circumvolve so situations alters or modify. Okungbowa O.Evans

© 2018 Okungbowa Evans

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