Nature is Faultless

Updated on October 27, 2017
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Student of ALevels and have been through nature experiences .

The Faultless nature

A nature of more, but less we say it
more we glance, for us which is bit

It enhance the sight of insight
it's panorama make it's viewer bright

how out of sight it's sight is
as vastness a charm viewing it is

it's forms are countless as grass
much of arts and sciences it cross

the wish of sketch want it more
throng of fun make it bore

It can be flash in tranquil insightly
garish the mind more widely

pine trees are more potent than a thin man
thus we can't be apt with them; than

sands having distinguish glimpse is nature
green of its own please as well a nature

Well praise it, it's faultless
the praisless one is senseless.

© 2017 Amaad's Pen


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