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Nature Poem: Egret Sunrise

Mark Tulin is a baseball fan from Philadelphia, PA. He has four books of poetry and one short story collection, available on Amazon.

Egret getting breakfast.

Egret getting breakfast.

The Snowy Egret

The snowy egret is a small white heron native to South and Central America. One of my favorite sea birds, the snowy egret often fishes for breakfast during my morning walks. The egret is a tall, long-legged wading bird with a slender, s-curved neck and dagger-like bill.

Their white feathers and long necks resemble that of swans. The egrets' line-up on the coastline of various California beaches, fairly oblivious to humans strolling or jogging. They space themselves about ten-feet apart and wait for the waves to roll in so they can fetch their tiny morsels of food.

Enjoy Egret Sunrise and my video poem of the same name. All of the pictures in the video were taken on the beaches of Santa Barbara.

Poem: Egret Sunrise

In the sea of champions,

surrounded by sandpipers,

seals, and dolphins,

I search for breakfast,

fishing on one leg,

balancing on the other,

with slender feathered-body,

serpentine neck, longish beak,

anticipating delicious morsels,

waiting for a juicy catch

Caution is my manta

I take tiny steps

I have many predators

along the surf

I look both ways

for red-tailed hawks,

crows, and vultures

who do not share

my love for peace

I am independent

I have no leaders,

no pecking order,

only an equal divide

There are enough delicacies

to go around—

whirligigs, bugs,

worms and shrimp

washed ashore

for our benefit

A bounty, a sunrise

in the morning mist,

an expansive food supply

A whole universe

Its vastness

Its openness

The clawing waves breaking

in the sun’s glow of morning.

© 2020 Mark Tulin

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