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Nature: Our Home

Nature: Our Home

Since time immemorial,

I found nature as my real pal.

My very own therapy,

When life hits me hardly.

When I am drained and tired,

In nature, I can rest and find

The calmness and peace that I seek,

To relieve my pain at its peak.

When I feel like the world is hard on me,

Nature is my escape and therapy,

My comfort and remedy.

Yea, I get lost with its beauty!

I'm mesmerized when the sun sets,

And when the sun shines.

I wanna dance with leaves when air breezes,

And offer some gentle touch when flower blooms.

Nature is given free to all of us.

We must love it, until the very last.

It must be nurture and treasure,

Now, tomorrow, and forevermore.

Nature is our forever home,

So, we have to take care of it.

Nurture, give value, and love it.

For to all of us, it is God's given gift.

© 2022 Garlie Repal

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