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Nature Is Beauty

I am an orphan... My favorite job is writing. My girlfriend calls me ''Parwana''

Great picture of nature

Great picture of nature

Nature A Poem

Nature tells us.
Nature showed us.
Never teach it.
What does it teach?
We never learn like this.
Learn from nature.
Know how to do life by nature.
Nature never hurts anyone.
do not be happy.
She gives everyone the same.
They have their own right.
Chants the raga.
In the doldrums.
She never gets angry with us,
He never bothers us.
We still bother him.
Learn from nature.
it is so easy.
We cut the forest.
We uprooted trees.
We have established settlements.
We destroy the mountain.
Don't play with nature.
Decorate it with your hard work.
It will give you the color of life.
Who will be with you all the time?
Thousand times you explain yourself.
You decorate it again and again.
You will get many times more,
You don't try it.
Ask the mountains,
Ask the rivers,
Ask the trees,
Have they ever hurt you.
Still, you are eager to destroy them.
Why do you do things that hurt everyone's heart?
You decorate it.
It will give you a thousand times more.
Nature will bless you.
Don't destroy the forests.
Do not divert the rivers to the other side.
If it came on its own.
There will be holocaust on this earth.
Do not shed them, they are the essence of life.


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