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Rain: A Haiku Collection

Catherine's writing reflects her life-long love of nature and gardening. She advocates for sustainability and respect for all living things.


Welcomed Rain

Rain is such a valuable resource in Southern California and certainly welcomed after the hot summer temperatures and dry Santa Ana winds. Yet it often comes on the heels of the October fire season, and there is always the fear of mudslides in hillside areas denuded by raging firestorms. Still, there is the peaceful sound of a gentle rain, its unmistakable smell, and the promise of renewal to our drought-stressed environs. Here in my haiku collection, I've tried to capture the moments of a brief rain storm from the first random drops to the glorious burst of light which renders all foliage a vibrant green against the gray sky.

Rain: A Haiku Collection

A distant rumble

The smell of impending rain

My dog takes cover.


Welcomed drops

Mimic steps of visitors

On my gravel path.


Bubbles float and pop.

Rubber boots splash in puddles

Joyfully in sync.


Endless sheets of rain.

Funnel through red roof tiles.

Homeless earthworms.


Pounding rain

Rhythmic drums of savages,

I am safe inside.


Refreshed greenery.

Sunlight breaks the charcoal gloom.

Behold! a rainbow!


Excited songbirds

Shake loose a string of raindrops.

Scattering jewels!


© 2011 Catherine Tally

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