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Be Like Nature: Don’t Be Judgemental

Chitrangada likes to express herself by writing fiction and poetry. Her writing reflects her mood and is inspired by the beauty of nature.

Be like Nature— Don’t be judgemental

Be like Nature— Don’t be judgemental

Be Like Nature; Don’t Be Judgemental

Usually, whenever you open any social media page, what do you see?

Well, what I have observed is that everyone appears to be so happy, and enjoying themselves. One can see the best dressed people, with attractive make up, traveling and partying with friends and family and so on. No doubt, it makes me feel good to see happy faces, with no sign of sadness or anxiety on their faces.
In an era of social media, where the things shown to the World, look glamorous, and sound good, but the reality may be otherwise.

Life doesn’t run on the principles of, only happiness. There is always another side of the coin.
Happiness and sadness go hand in hand.

On second thoughts, about why people want to give good impression to others, about themselves may be due to the following reasons—-

  • Most people judge others, on the basis of their beauty, their family, property, and other things, and that too, mercilessly.
  • Most of the time, I avoid reading negative comments, because it disturbs my peace of mind.
  • But, the fact remains, that trolls, who don’t know you at all, and you don’t know them, have freedom to comment anything, about your facial features, your clothes, the colour of your skin, and so on. Body shaming, commenting about your way of life, with fake ID’s is so common these days.
  • Some people are sensitive by Nature, and this kind of behaviour adversely affects them, emotionally.
  • This might be the reason, that they want to project their goody-good image to the World. After all, who doesn’t like to be appreciated!

The river, the birds will not judge you

The river, the birds will not judge you

The Thoughts Behind the poem

What is Nature?
The trees, birds, rivers, mountains, water falls, the greenery all around, the sky, are parts of Nature, and we are all its inhabitants.
Take out some time, from your busy schedule to be amidst Nature, and you will feel peaceful, calm and joyful.
Nature provides the escape from the complexities of life, and also the physical burnouts of living in a highly technical World.

Why do you feel so?

  • Because, Nature provides you with contentment.
  • Because, Nature allows you to let it be- - .
  • Because, Nature doesn’t judge like others do!
Nature treats all creatures equally

Nature treats all creatures equally

Nature doesn’t judge— Poem

You may think, you are ‘big’,

Just stand beside a mountain,

And, see how small you are,

You may be made up,

For the fabulous parties,

Expensive clothes, and jewelleries,

Just stand beside the tree in the woods,

And the huge trees don’t care,

Whether or not, you are fair,

Let the winds blow your hair,

The magnificent Sea doesn’t care,

If you have a messy hair,

The soil beneath your feet,

They treat everyone equally,

Whether rich or poor,

Being part of the Nature,

Created by the Nature,

Just, be like Nature,

Nature doesn’t judge,

So, stop judging others,

Just like Mother Nature.

© 2022 Chitrangada Sharan