Nativity Rhymes

Updated on November 27, 2017

Merry Christmas from my family to yours.

— Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


PAUL MADDENS is a primary school teacher.
Who once had ambitions to be a director.
An actor and movie producer.
But settled to be a school teacher.
His workplace plans Christmas play.
Another school also plans their play.
Paul hates Christmas.
Because JENNIFER LOVE left him on it.
He was planning on proposing.
Despite this, he was still chosen.
Chose to run the play.
Pauls friend usually runs the play.
But GORDON is now at the rival school.
Now Paul feels the honor representing his school.
Paul sees Gordon face to face.
Lies to not look like a disgrace.
Tells him that he's a big producer.
Tells him that their old friend Jennifer.
Is putting together a Hollywood Film.
He hasn't spoken to her in five years.
His class hears about it and sees gold.
He realizes his rumor's gotten out of control.
Truth is, his kids are not talented.
Gordon's kids are more talented.
Paul finds it's difficult having confidence.
But gets help from his assistant.
MR.POPPY creates an energetic.
Energetic Nativity that showcases.
Showcases the Children's talents.
While tries to get Jennifer to come visit.
He finds she's a secretary.
He now feels that his story.
Will be revealed untrue.
While the Mayor offers him a venue.
A cathedral to perform the play.
While Mrs. Beavens cancels the play.
Because she found out it's a lie.
Paul resigns because of his lie.
Was exposed like he thought it will be.
For it all he blames Mr.Poppy.
Yet, he comes to his senses.
Didn't want his class disappointed.
So he decided to still do the show.
Despite no producers at the show.
Mrs.Beavens was really furious.
She gave orders and he disobeyed it.
Meanwhile, Gordon tells it all.
Despite it, the play stands tall.
The play won't end a disgrace.
Has a helicopter fly over the place.
He tells the " Hollywood watches".
But Jennifer's boss really watches it.
Watches it until the end.
Paul confesses his love to his friend.
He hugs and kisses Jennifer.
He's no longer an under-achiever.
They reunite on stage after it ends.
Celebrating the success of the kids.

Martin Freeman
Paul Maddens
Jason Watkins
Marc Wooten

Nativity: Danger in a Manger

DONALD PETERSON is very anxious.
He teaches and his wife is pregnant.
Taking over Paul Maddens class.
Mr.Poppy was teaching the class.
Because Paul left to the United States.
He prepared the class to participate.
To Participate in A Song for Christmas.
With hopes of the school winning.
Winning a chance to be a Christmas #1.
The kids want to do it to have fun.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Beaven.
Feels that Poppy misbehaving.
Refusing to let them in the show.
But she's interested in hiring Donald.
Mr.Poppy persuades Donald to enter. Wanting him to compete with his brother.
So he Kidnaps Donald.
Knowing he can be in trouble.
The rivals are too on the way.
Getting there the easy way.
MR.POPPY thinks they could win.
Despite, his twin being known for music.
RODERICK is helping the rival school.
So David thinks his school joining will be cool.
They go through the wilds of Wales.
They face many obstacles getting there.
The play is a success.
Donald earns his fathers respect.
His wife has the baby.
In a manger, they're celebrating.

David Tenant
Donald Peterson
David Tenant
Roderick Peterson
Marc Wooten

Nativity 3: Where is my Donkey

Donald has resigned.
Enjoying his new life.
He's reunited with his twin.
Focusing on raising his kid.
Enjoying married life.
Each day he is loving his wife.
Mr.Poppy still remains.
But he can't lead the way.
So they look for a new teacher.
While Lauren writes Santa a letter.
She asks Santa in her letter.
To help her father move closer.
Closer to her mother in New Jersey.
Jeremy met her while she was teaching.
Teaching her school singing.
He fell in love with SOPHIE.
She helped her father propose.
But lost the ring used to propose.
She wanted Santa to help replace it.
Meanwhile, He's offered a job.
It's actually a teaching job.
JEREMY SHEPARD is the superteacher.
That offers the class super features.
Until one day he's kicked in the head.
Seen on the ground by his class.
When he wakes he remembers nothing.
He has given away the donkey.
But he thinks it's been stolen.
POPPY is suddenly chosen.
Chosen to take over the class.
Meanwhile, he uses the class.
Uses them to help Jeremy.
Remember that he has a wedding.
Sophie keeps calling him.
Trying to getting in contact with him.
He isn't even answering her calls.
As a result, she may call.
She may call off the wedding.
She has no clue of his memory.
Jeremy is losing it.
Still has no clue of the wedding.
The class enters a competition.
Hoping on sending.
But they lose the competition.
But still, have hopes of sending.
They get him there for his wedding.
While there Sophie finds out.
That Jeremy knows little about.
Little about his own wedding.
But then remembers it's his wedding.
Her ex-tries to damage it.
But the class keeps Shepard focused.
Her ex is hurt by the reality.
Jeremy married to Sophie.

Martin Clunes
Jeremy Shepard
Catherine Tate
Sophie O'Donnel
Marc Wooten
Desmond Poppy

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    © 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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