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The Silent Killer

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The thought is a virus – it lingers in the body and mind.

Hiding patiently, waiting for a moment of weakness. It desires to be let free – but knows it only has one shot; so it waits.

It’s smarter than we think. It’s slyer than we believe.

As it hibernates – waiting for the environment to be just right, we know it is in us.

We know we could be led astray by one thoughtless act – one more helpless sip.

We know by succumbing to its fate – we seal the fate of those around us.

We must not let it win; we don’t want to see anyone else fall…

But those moments – those memories – seep deeper and deeper.

They take root and spawn more nasty intentions.

No one wants to make others hurt or throw to their suffering on others to bear.

It’s the virus – the one thought that sickens the mind and body. That grows stronger and stronger the longer it is ignored. It smiles - happily waiting for the right opportunity.

The more it is around us – the stronger the pull becomes, the easier it is to fall into its grasp.

I know because I’ve seen it surround me – end the lives of those I love without hesitation. I see it growing in those around me.

I fear for its pull and the sickness it breeds.

For the day, the whisper becomes too loud to ignore.

For the day, the grass looks greener on the other side.

For a moment, of weakness that changes the lives around them forever.

For the day, it takes someone else too soon.

I fear it so much because I know it exists.

I’ve seen it, felt it, and heard it call my name.

I’ve been drawn to its light – brought to the edge once before. I can understand its false promise of comfort.

I’ve been ready to hand in my ticket, to shut the world out and lights off.

This virus is unforgiving and unrelenting. It doesn’t go away once inside.

It instead holds a small place in your thoughts to call home.

That is where it sits – patiently waiting for its chance to be set free and spread its nasty intentions.

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