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Narrowing My Thoughts To Make It Simple

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Eliminate What I Don't Love

Every day we carry unwanted baggage

That sticks to us like those stickies

That were on a bush

As soon as you walked into it

You were covered

They stuck to your clothes

They were prickly and a pain

The memories still haunt me

Even though the last time I seen the plant

I was about twelve

It is time to let them go

I can't erase the memory

What I can do is create new and better memories

If I feel my heart and my joy with passion

So great and beautiful

Like my first love

Eating my favorite foods like my wife's homemade pizza

Having my wife by my side

Throughout my life

Every step of the way

Through the good and the bad

Seeing our cat Charlotte cuddle up next to me

Getting in our car and driving to work and back safely

Both my wife and I having jobs that helps pays our bills

Dreaming bigger dreams

Loving every day in a special way

That brings out the best

Not just in my thoughts

In all my actions now and forever

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