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We've Fallen, Furthermore

Michelle studied criminal justice, psychology, and addiction counseling but art was always her first love. Through art one can find freedom.


We've Fallen, Furthermore

Souls we've stolen, thrown into frozen cages of pain.
While mother and father are forced away.
Spoken barriers through tearful woes,
drugged by hateful stammering Joes.

Where are the days of liberty sung blue?
Give your poor, huddle masses, safety from you.
Through tears they've begged and trails fled,
to seek the shores of another hue.

How is it possible to follow the ways,
of the hideous tyrant, the bumbling fake?
When love he has taken, and turned to hate,
how long must we stand, consumed to wait?

The borders you serve are lined in remains.
As you wade through sanguine waves that you've made.
The time will come, as the culling will do,
and we'll stand in the shine of the only True.