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A Poem about Astral Traveling.


Naked in the Dark

He comes upon us in the night,
channeling love and all that's right,
he sees us from far away,
a bit cheeky we would say.

Spreading joy and optimism,
conducting a mass exorcism,
ridding us of satanic bugs,
for which we'd give him hugs.

Recruiting all psychicness,
for a war of darkness,
psychic, medium, demoness,
witch, angel, and goddess.

Perilous this wizardkind,
after our heart and mind,
I feel him hit his mark,
lying naked in the dark.

About the Author

I was born in Melbourne Australia on March 4th, 1957. My mother worked in a pie van at Victoria market. My father drank. My brother, sister and I used to take time off school, go to the museum, botanical gardens or sneak into the zoo. When I was 9 we moved to a country town not far from the city. I enjoyed roaming around the paddocks. I didn't do well at school, my lack of concentration made studying difficult, I dropped out of school to pursue a career in retail. I managed an aquarium successfully. In 1985 I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, later with paranoid schizophrenia, with this came heavy cannabis use. I was in and out of hospitals for a long time. New medications have made me stable, I haven't been hospitalized since 2000. Psychosis radicalized my thinking, I realized I could make something out of the darkness. That was the beginning of my paranormal journey.

© 2018 JAMES

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